When you want to live in a tropical paradise, you will probably want time to spend enjoying life.

You will not want to be constantly maintaining your home doing repair jobs, painting etc.

You more likely will want freedom. You will be looking for friendships, not control or expectations.

So here are some of our benefits that may relax you into a tropical lifestyle:

Free from the smell of mold

If you leave your tropical house for a few days, you don’t want a mouldy smell when you get back, or grey/black growth on your external walls.

Mold needs water, organic food and oxygen to grow. Since mold decomposes dead organic material it can grow on wood, the paper facing on gypsum board (drywall) and other materials made from wood. TUFF+ products used by us do not support mold growth.

Paint Free option for Color

A choice your colors for your home is great. Having to repaint every few years is not so great.

If you decide on a color for a surface that you want to be permanent, you can also decide to have it paint free!

Exterior walls are a good example. It is normal that exterior walls will remain the color you selected, the color of brick or cladding you want. We can make that maintenance free! Choose a TUFF+ color !

Free from extreme Air Conditioning costs

The standard we build to is that the exterior walls and roofing are all highly insulated from heat.

(To those of you who are technical minded this means the surfaces have an R value of 20+) We also recommend the use of Low E double glazed aluminium windows.

This means that the cost of  air conditioning is low!

Salt Damp Free

If you have owned a brick and mortar home where there is exposure to salt water, salt spray or just salty soil, you may have experienced salt damp, where the bricks or dry wall corrode and have to be replaced.

You are free of that risk with TUFF+ products, because there is no corrosion!

The Art of Wood

We love wood and natural stone!

Belizean hardwoods are amongst the most beautiful woods in the world!

We encourage their use in home building!

However it does seem a waste to have that beauty hidden inside a wall, where stronger, environmentally friendly alternatives such as the TUFF+ range, can be used instead!

Best Envirohomes recommends the use of wood within the interior, for flooring, feature ceilings, and as panelled works of art!

Termite Free building

Termites, sometimes called white ants, may sometimes attack wooden structures, causing damage.

In Best EnviroHomes this risk only applies to items of wood or plant material which is within the home, like wooden furniture or specific wooden floor or ceiling panels, which are very unlikely to be attacked.

The reason for this is that the load bearing aspects of the main structure do not use wood, not in the frame, nor the joists, or the beams. We do not use wood for cladding either.

Feature wood inside the house wood is encouraged.