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Providing a Solid Foundation for all soil types

In Belize there are many cenotes, or underground caves or sinkholes, occuring from the collapse of limestone bedrock.

In order to prevent the risk of foundations subsiding, Best EnviroHomes has standardized on the use of prestressed concrete piles to support the homes built.

No matter the type of soil, piles are used to provide more structural strength to the weak soil underneath, establishing a solid foundation for your home.

This type of foundation requires much less amount of concrete than a floating or slab poured foundation, and also is the least impact on the environment and water flow.

Strength to resist hurricane damage.


Prestressed concrete is the foundational basis of most high rise structures, consisting of high tensile steel wire tensioned in place before pouring concrete into the mould.

As a result they are water and salt proof, and so strong that they can sustain hurricane strength winds.

We also use the same foundational basis to meet stringent architectural requirements.

Reinforced Concrete Foundation frame


Once the piles are in place, reinforced concrete beams are placed between the piles, forming a foundation framework that is hurricane proof.

Photos are below.



Pile Driver with 30 foot piles

Frame preparation

We partner with Sealand for prestressed concrete piles

With 25 years of success in Belize, Sealand is our choice of reliable manufacture of prestressed concrete piles, and they also have the equipment and knowledge for pile driving and much more.

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