Our 3D building approach

While working with a builder, you may change your mind on what you want, or the builder may find unexpected things that are required that are not in the contract.

The more detail and specifics that can be agreed at the beginning, the smoother the relationship can be with the builder.

However in all cases you will be looking for clear communication, specific invoicing and tracking of milestones, and an honesty that does not hide what needs to be said during the construction process.

If you would like to see an interactive 3D model our demo home in Serenita Village, you can click here!

(Stroll through the building using a virtual reality headset, or on a PC use the mouse and scroll wheel to view, arrow keys to navigate)

Choose your view from the menu, click on the floor, and use arrow keys to navigate.


Here are samples of 3D model that we can do for you.

Click to view on PC and navigate through the plan in real time or on 3D Virtual Reality Headset.

3D beach villa

Bird’s eye view of demo beach villa

Best EnviroHomes prides itself on having the experience to do this, with builders who have formed successful relationships with clients building homes in several countries.

Everyone wants their home to be what they expected, and the most important objective during the construction is clear, two way communication, of progress, of issues that arise.

A clear contract will be defined, detailing the methods of delivery and payment scheduled. If the costs change outside the contracted and agreed price, we commit to letting you know as soon as we find out.

If there is no change advised, you can relax knowing that we are working to your plan and budget.

You can expand each Orange heading by clicking on it to toggle it open.

Your Choice is Respected

Best EnviroHomes can build your home  as to your requirements. (Should you wish to build a home that does not meet our high building standards we will refer you to another builder.)

We believe you will want a beautiful interior to live in, and also a stylish exterior and garden area.

These choices are yours, providing they meet CBA and Serenita Village standards and your budget.

We will work with you as a team:

Strong Building

In order to cope with hurricane strength winds, we have a design which handles both vertical roof lift, and sideways (Lateral) forces.

Our walls and roofs are all locked into each other, not just bricks cemented on a slab.

This means that the risk of the house coming off the foundation during a hurricane (as per illustration above) is negligible.

Communication & Plan Changes

In order to meet your needs, we talk with you during the building.

Does this seem obvious? Yes. However the importance of advising changes that happen during construction is critical.

We let you know if things are going well, or if unkown problems arise, which they typically do in any construction job.

We will be playing the same music!

Time to Build?

These are the major milestones in our building process, and an indicative time scale:

  1. Architectural Approval and then building contract. (2-5 months – no building is allowed in Belize until government Central Building Authority -CBA  is granted)
  2. Preparation of foundation and manufacture/shipping of TUFF+ materials. (2-4 months)
  3. Building of the house frame, walls and roof. (1 month)
  4. Fitout of electrics, plumbing, utilities and interior, ready for living in (3-4 months)

These dates depend on many things, but you can expect to move from purchasing land to moving in in 8-14 months! Compare this to other builders please, and you will find that this is very efficient.

Build Green for the Future

In a green circular economy, nothing is waste. Our environmentally sustainable approach re-uses as much material as possible, by recycling into new materials.

This is evident in the bulk of the building material we use for our EnviroHomes, TUFF+ enviropanels, which are manufactured to strict standards, from primarily recycled materials, saving landfill, while at the same time improving speed of building, insulative and safety qualities etc.

Ready to build with love?