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Featuring TUFF+

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People make a Home


Make a welcome place for Family and Friends.




Looking for comfort and low maintenance?

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Wanting a Home in Belize?

Looking for the Best EnviroHome?


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With Ecologically Sustainable Technology

Featuring TUFF+ Innovation

People make a Home

Make a welcome place for Family and Friends

Looking for comfort and low maintenance?

Let’s agree to build smart.

Our Homes are Environmentally Sustainable

Our homes are built with care, for you, your family and the planet. Best EnviroHomes has exclusive access within Belize to TUFF+™, a proven innovation in house construction that not only lowers the time to build, but is primarily made from material that would otherwise go into landfill or pollute the oceans.

We are putting this into practice in our beachfront community, Serenità Village in Corozal!

Cost Effective

Cost is always a factor, right?

The high quality of our building materials does not mean higher overall construction cost, because our building timeframes are lower, lowering labor costs, and providing a faster build time for you!

Contact us to discover the attractive prices we offer per square foot or per square meter!

Maintenance Free

EnviroHomes are built using TUFF+ composite technology, which will ease your maintenance:

  • Termite free
  • Mold free – no odor
  • Salt damp free
  • Optional Paint free exterior
  • Attractive and strong
  • Insulative for heat

Beauty and Comfort

A home is where you feel comfortable within yourself, and happy to have friends and relatives visit.

Best EnviroHomes provide the facilities and environment to enjoy both latest technology and the beauty of nature and the building you live in.

Strength & Safety

Your EnviroHome is a safe place.

It is strong enough to handle the elements, with deep foundations, and interlocking anti-hurricane features.

Your home also can provide the latest in awareness of risks such as water flooding sensors, cameras, high tech locks.

High Tech Materials

TUFF+™ products are primarily made from recyclable materials. We aim to be as efficient as possible in our technological processes. At the same time TUFF+ panels for walls and roofing lower the cost of building labor.

Connections AND Off-grid

Off-grid offers freedom from the rising costs and reliability of utilities. Belize offers unpolluted underground water, no need for heaters, and plenty of sun for solar.

Your envirohome will still want fast fibre internet and backup mains power. We install all options.

Smart home technology

Smart home home amenities have been fitted with communication technology, enabling either automation or remote control.

With these features you can control appliances, home electronics, locks and garage door openers.

We offer installation and support.

Alternative Energy


Solar technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy through photovoltaic (PV) panels. This energy can be used to generate electricity or be stored in batteries. Ask us to install Solar panel systems to reduce reliance on the BEL grid.