We build with, and distribute, the TUFF+ range of construction materials

TUFF+ EnviroPanels : for walls and roofing

TUFF+ columns, joists, studs

TUFF+ SPC flooring, tiles

TUFF+ decking & pergolas

TUFF+ fencing, paving

TUFF+ Feature wall/ceiling sheet 


TUFF+ products can be used in all types of construction!

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TUFF+ Products all include the following benefits

∗ Maintenance free 100 year+ life

∗ Mold free – Clean Fresh finish no odor

∗ 100% waterproof

∗ Insulation heat/ fire resistant

∗ Rot, Termite, Salt damp, and Rust FREE

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TUFF+ is a product range of advanced environmentally sustainable composite materials.

The best of science, looking after the planet. cool

TUFF+ for strength

TUFF+ EnviroPanels are 1.35 times stronger than plywood, and have beams comparable in strength to

steel by weight but do not rust.


The TUFF+ range is manufactured by a consortium of 12 major factories who produce thousands of containers loads of product each year. Supply is not an issue.

Quality is exceptional. Our TUFF+ suppliers are Gujarat-UP.com and we are proud to be the exclusive distributors for Belize and the CARICOM countries.

TUFF+ features:

Maintenance free exterior

Mold free – Fresh no odor

Clean and strong

Insulative – Highly heat resistant

Salt damp free

TUFF+ features:

Termite free

Rust free

UV resistant

Water and rot proof

long life – over 100 years

TUFF+ features:

Composite technology

Easily worked -can be cut, drilled and routed

Lighter to work with than masonry blocks, cement panels and even local hardwood

Caters for high compressive and lateral loads

Low Maintenance

Easy Installation

Ecologically Sustainable

Durable / Long Life

High UV resistance


High Insulation from HEAT

Insect resistant

Non Flammable

Non Slip decking

No mold, fungi or bacteria

Hurricane Proof



Recycled product

Fast Assembly


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Fully recycled XLPE INSULATION
Aluminium Clad Sheets
Recyled paving and retaining wall bricks
Both real marble sheeting polymer backed, and imitation marble cladding