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Your Choice is Respected

Best EnviroHomes will build your home  as you wish. sealed

We believe you will want a beautiful interior to live in, and also a stylish exterior and garden area.

These choices are yours, providing they meet CBA standards and your budget.


We believe you will want a beautiful home to live in, and we offer some standard designs that can meet your budget.

If you want your own design we will cooperate with your architect to provide advice on  design to meet village standards.

Interior Design


Ask about our resources to design the interior of your home to your requirements and wishes.



You will also want to have a home that is easy to operate, and with features you need. We will supply solar panels, or other requirements, should you choose a turn-key solution.


Landscaping and Gardening

We can supply services to support the natural environment of your home.

Ask us about for your gardening and landscaping needs.


Our building advantages

The main thing we wish to emphasize is YOU, that we respect your choices to build and enjoy a beautiful home!


Low Maintenance

Easy/Fast Installation

Ecologically Sustainable

Durable / Long Life

High UV resistance


High Insulation from HEAT

Insect resistant

Non Flammable

Non Slip decking

No mold, fungi or bacteria

Hurricane Proof