Our Purpose

To fulfil each client’s dreams through the creation of a reassuring and comfortable living environment.

To work with BEH certified builders and support them in Quality Control.

Maintain a sustainable approach to the environment using recycled products where possible.

Our Management Goals

Seek out new challenges.
Maximize the potential of our human resources.
Place the customer at the center of our activities.
Be fair and transparent in all our dealings.

Our Code Of Conduct

Teamwork, including customer participation.
Efficiency and speed.
Minimal Environmental Impact.

Our People & Partners

People cooperating is what makes a business successful.

We are glad to have a great Board & team, and we partner with other established and principled Belizean companies.

Our Founder

Phil Cheney has consulted to, founded and managed business in Belize, Australia, Canada and Papua New Guinea, and internationally and has travelled extensively to over 50 countries.

Phil’s vision is to make sustainable community homes that are environmentally friendly, using recycled products, and provide these into a village that combines the beauty of nature with the technology of today.

This is being manifested in Serenità Village, just north of Corozal Town, Belize.

Phil has worked with several innovative building companies in China and Canada, and is now implementing a best practice approach to the creation of tropical homes that are both safe and wonderful to live in.

Other Directors

Manuela Cheney – Director, Creative.

Manuela (Manu) combines her wide experience in interior design, energy and flow  with experience in building homes and  safety environments in corporate settings.

Our Belizean team

Felix and Willie have created the first house in Serenita Village in 3 months!
You can see the aluminium composite panelling behind them in this photo – it looks like polished marble.


Click the link below to view our Employee and Contractor Guidelines.

BEH Team Guidelines

Please email certbuilder@bestEnviroHomes.com  to obtain information regarding our 

BEH Certified Builder Program

to find certified builders orto apply to become a certified builder with us!

Supply Supervisor - Felix Angel

Felix is an experienced construction worker who lives in Corozal and has experience working in the UK!

Our Belizean Business Partners

Sealand Prestressed

25 years of experience in the Caribbean with major construction projects.

Our supplier and partner for prestressed concrete, pile based foundations and building. Based in Orange Walk.


Farmers Trading Center

Experienced supply and distribution company established in 1962, based in Spanish Lookout.

Supplier of TUFF+ buiding materials.

Tree of Cortez Real Estate +

8 Years of experience in real estate, advice and construction in the Corozal area.

This real estate partner is based on the Consejo Road, Corozal.